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January 22, 2024

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Stock image of a crystal ball to illustrate this blog post about 2024 home design trends predictions

At the start of each year (OK, even the end of the previous year), you’ll start hearing buzz around home design trends predictions. And while they can be fun and I think worth taking a look at, it is also important to take them with a grain of salt.

While it might be tempting to completely redo your home with the latest trends, it’s important to remember that trends are often just that. In next year, or 5 years, or 10 years from now it can easily be called a fad and date your home.

So, here I’m sharing what industry giants like Pinterest, Etsy and even Home Beautiful magazine are predicting – with my own takes and advice regarding the trends.

If you’re considering selling your home in the next 10 years, don’t worry, I’ve got your back and will share what I think will date real fast, and what just might become timeless.

Pinterest Predicts 2024

Every year, Pinterest puts out a report using data from its user searches over the last year. Basically, when they see a significant rise in search for a specific term, that’s going to catch their eye.

They’ve been releasing this report for awhile now, and say that over the last 4 years, 80% of their predictions have come true.

If you’re still not convinced that Pinterest is a great source for home design trends, let me share a few other data points:

  • 482 million people use Pinterest each month 1
  • There are more than 5 billion searches on Pinterest each month 2
  • Women make up 60% of Pinterest’s global audience 2
  • 85.9% of Pinterest users also use Instagram (hey, both great platforms to find home design inspo!)2
  • 61% of users go to Pinterest to start a new project (like a renovation or interior design)2

As you can see, Pinterest can be quite a powerful platform especially for users who are most likely to be interested in home design, renovations, and making decisions when it comes to buying real estate.

Not only that, I have been following this report and trends like checkerboard, Japandi, and curves have all been trending terms before I started seeing them in homes. Which is a great asset to have when you’re renovating before selling.

Now let’s get to this year’s Pinterest Predicts.

Kitschy Kitchens

Since kitchens are a huge part of the home, it’s no surprise that search terms involving kitchens are trending.

Here’s what they’re seeing (percentages are the increase in search volume):

  • Eclectic kitchen décor +50%
  • Kitschy kitchen +75%
  • Green kitchen paint +55%
  • Eccentric kitchen +160%
  • Retro pink kitchens +40%

My take: Unfortunately, I think a lot of these searches are very taste specific with the exception of green kitchen paint which is popular and is almost a new neutral. Aside from that, very few people would want a pink kitchen.

How to use this trend: Consider green cabinetry for your kitchen – anything from sage to olive to a darker hunter green (just no neon!). As for the kitschy/eclectic/eccentric trends, use it in the decor, styling and small appliances (like say, a pastel pink toaster) which can all be easily swapped out later.


Stock image of a cafe to illustrate kafe aesthetic is a 2024 home design trend

The idea behind this trend is to bring the cafe look & experience to your own home.

Here’s the data:

  • Coffee bar styling +1,125%
  • Chalk sign ideas +100%
  • Café chalkboard +50%
  • Coffee station décor +145%
  • Kafe aesthetic +820%

First, I want to point out that kafe aesthetic has had an increase in 820% and coffee bar styling 1,125% – those are big numbers. (Also as an aside that the search for cafe is using a K instead of a c)

My take: Considering how coffee culture is so important to Australia & the rise of inflation, I can see this one being big here.

How to use this trend: Cafes have beautiful design. Whether you draw inspiration from a local cafe or from a Pinterest or Instagram search (like a Parisian cafe, for example), there are some great ideas in colour palettes, tile choices, and decor to bring to your own home.

For coffee bar styling & decor, this could be simply adding mugs, pretty coffee storage, and a plant or it can replacing your coffee machine for a fancier model or even go so far as to renovate the space with a feature tile or paint.


Image of a curved double steel door from Steela.
Source: Steela – Marcuta door

Pinterest is calling out silver tones and bold chromes to be the metal choices at the moment.

Some other areas in the home that are trending:

  • Aluminium furniture +45%
  • Aluminium door design +70%

My take: Metals are always timeless when it comes to tapware and I don’t see any really going out of style. As for its use in furniture & door design, I love both trends and can see both becoming timeless.

How to use this trend: With furniture, both inside (like in bar stools) and outside (patio furniture). And aluminium (or steel) doors are also beautiful statement pieces I’m seeing a lot of. While they are expensive, I think they are a wow piece that when used in the right areas, can really impress buyers.

We used this trend in our Sandringham renovation – with a budget twist. Although they look like steel, these doors are actually made out of timber from Corinthian’s Manhattan collection.

Image of steel look doors we used in the Sandringham NSW renovation

Western Gothic

Could this be the new Scandi or Japandi (aka mash up of 2 styles)?

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like – American Western style combined with dark, moody Gothic.

Here’s what’s trending:

  • Western bedding ideas +310%
  • Vintage americana +145%
  • Country room ideas +125%
  • Western mirror +125%
  • Western gothic +145%

My take: I’m not sure this one will catch on in Australia as well as it might in other countries. Not only because of the Americana influence, but how dark it can be which doesn’t really work with all the coastal areas. However, this could be a popular one in country areas or suburbs further from the water.

How to use this trend: Use black (or other dark, rich colours) in kitchen joinery or even on the walls. Chandeliers, dark timber beams & woodwork can also add to the style and if you keep the walls white, it can still feel airy and fit Australian style. Aside from that, it can be used in decor and furniture. Think: leather, dark timbers, fringe, studs, and animal hides.


Stock image of a Bali villa

Now, on the other end of the spectrum we have bright colours, prints and vacation feels.

The trends:

  • Tropical chic décor +110%
  • Coconut aesthetic +35%

My take: This trend fits much better with Australia’s style. Plus, considering how much Australians love vacationing in Bali, I can see drawing inspiration from there in our own homes.

How to use this trend: Think Bali villas with whites, creams, natural materials and greenery. Bring that relaxed feeling home with the addition of tropical scents.

Spa aesthetic

Stock image of a spa

Similar to the kafe aesthetic, people are looking to bring the look & feel of the spa to their own homes. When you also add in that people are searching for tropical chic decor, it seems they want that relaxed, vacay vibe all the time – without having to leave home or spend all the money.

The search:

  • Spa aesthetic +60%

My take: Variations of this trend have been emerging over the last few years, including spa shower experiences and self-care. Considering the stress from lockdowns and just the world in general, I can understand the appeal for a calming spa experience at home. Plus, many spas look beautiful.

How to use this trend: Draw inspiration from the design of spas including colour palettes and textures. Don’t forget about the experience – what smells, sounds, lighting and feels can you incorporate.

Honourable mentions

Here’s some trends that aren’t necessarily home related but could affect how people live in their homes:

  • Jazz funk, piano jazz, jazz bar outfit – Use this trend: draw inspiration from the lighting & decor of jazz bars, style your home with a record player & jazz records, style your bar cart or home bar like a jazz bar
  • Bow aesthetic – Use this trend: Not just for little girl’s rooms, incorporate bows in your table settings and seasonal decor.
  • Badminton – Use this trend: Since pickle bar courts were trending and we saw the rise of homeowners installing courts in their own homes (think today’s tennis courts or multi purpose sports courts), this might be a consideration for luxury properties.

Etsy’s Marketplace Insights

Similar to Pinterest, Etsy puts out a report each year based on the increase in user search data.

Here’s some other interesting stats about Etsy:

  • There were 91.6 million active buyers in Q3 of 20233
  • On Etsy, someone searches for wall art every two seconds4
  • On Etsy, someone searches for antique or vintage items every second4
  • On Etsy, someone searches for custom or handmade furniture every minute4

Now, I do want to point out that most people use to Etsy to buy something, which differs from Pinterest which is more of a visual search engine (or as I like to say, Google for people who like pretty things). So that limits their data.

That being said, they do have a few interesting findings in their Marketplace Insights that we can use.

Colour of the Year: Berry

Like Pantone, Etsy also releases their colour of the year and for 2024 it’s berry (they say it’s a blend of rich reds and blue tones). They’ve seen a decline in searches for hot pink items and berry seems to be its replacement.

My take: I love this colour and I prefer this to Pantone’s colour of the year which is peach fuzz.

How to use this trend: While it would be gorgeous as a dining room wall colour, I think it’s best to keep it to decor accents or a statement piece of furniture so it can be easily changed. Get a berry throw or pillows or even change up your tea towels.

Other colours that are trending are gelato pastels, neutrals, and bright acidic pops (red, citrus green).

Cosy Textures

Soft textures like velvet, corduroy and mohair are trending. Denim for upholstery and decor is also in – while not traditionally “cosy”, it is a very familiar material and softens over time.

My take: These materials are pretty timeless so you can’t go wrong using them. If you’re looking to make the space look & feel more luxurious (aka expensive), use velvet.

How to use this trend: Upholstery and soft furnishings

Expert Woodwork & Earthy Edges

There’s growing interest in carved designs, interesting finishes, and mixing wood veneers. Then for the finishes, the organic & modern look of unfinished, raw edges is in.

My take: Curves have been in for awhile and the raw finishes & carved designs continues this trend in furniture.

How to use this trend: Furniture pieces, timber or wood-look kitchen benchtops (consider more of a free form edge), wood veneers in other spaces like walls

Waves & Wiggles

Source: The Lighting Agency

Continuing on the theme of earthiness and natural, this trend is being used in more freeform shapes to add interest and make things softer.

My take: I like this trend which breaks up the boxiness of so many shapes in the home.

How to use this trend: Furniture, light fixtures, and art.

Gallery Wall Alternatives

Stock image of leaning artwork to showcase the 2024 home design trend of gallery wall alternatives

The traditional gallery wall (many pictures all hung in the same area) seems to be going away and in its place people are looking for large statement art, bold wallpaper, and leaning art.

My take: This is nothing we haven’t seen before so if you love your gallery wall, keep it.

How to use this trend: Go big in wall art or use the walls are your canvas with wallpaper or paint with a stencil or in a pattern.

Honourable Mentions

  • Moody details (dark florals, soft goth styles, 852% YoY increase in searches on Etsy for gothic clothing) – Use this trend: since Pinterest is also predicting gothic elements to be trending, it’s worth considering using in colour palettes and decor.
  • Stripes, houndstooth & pinstripe – Use this trend: Upholstery, wall paper, paint on walls, tile patterns (stripes)
  • Feminine accents (ruching, lace, ruffles, bows, silk, satin, sheerness, and roses.) – Use this trend: again, we see a repeat of bows but adding in other romantic elements. Use in upholstery, decor, sheets, window treatments.

Home Beautiful’s 2024 Style Forecast

The last source I want to highlight is Home Beautiful magazine’s 2024 Style Forecast. What I like about this one is that unlike the others that are global brands, this one is strictly Australian.

Here are their 4 predictions.


Stock image of pearlescent to showcase Home Beautiful's 2024 home design trend

Interestingly, this was a Pinterest prediction back in 2022, which I’ve just now started to emerge in about the last 6 months.

Home Beautiful is suggesting that this trend isn’t just what it looks like but also how it feels: “a deep, soothing breath, the tide washing over your feet”. That makes this trend a little more versatile if you also consider it’s light and airy feel and smoothness.

My take: When I first heard about this trend in 2022, I was thinking it would take off in tile and finishes. That might still happen, however I like this take on light and airiness, neutrals and a hint of blush, which is timeless.

How to use this trend: Pearlescent finishes, using blush as a neutral, soft furnishings and smooth, round objects in decor (or a table lamp).


Stock image of a dried wildflower bouquet

Colour, prints, and nature.

My take: I hate this trend. That being said, it fits well for those who like maximalism or “grandmother” style which has been trending. So I think it’s taste specific and if you like it, go for it. Otherwise, I would not use this trend for a pre-sale renovation,

How to use this trend: For small doses, use in floral arrangements (fresh or dried) and prints for soft furnishings or decor. If you really love this style and don’t plan to sell anytime soon, go bold with floral wallpapers, antiques with floral patterns, and bold colours.

Art of Display

This trend is all about showcasing your favourite belongings and mixing traditional with modern styles (like an antique table with a new lamp and decor on top).

My take: This isn’t anything new – just take a visit to your grandmother’s home (there seems to be a theme with Home Beautiful). However, what I love about this “trend” is it’s very achievable for most sellers. They can style their home for sale using pieces they already own, and just compliment with modern touches a professional stylist can provide.

How to use this trend: Keep traditional furniture pieces and style with modern decor. If you don’t already own any antiques or “hand-me-downs”, you can easily find these at antique stores, op shops or online.


Drawing inspiration from horses, not just in horses themselves but the whole experience with riding – leather, metals, velvet, and moody colours.

My take: I love this trend. Maybe because I have a background in horseback riding or that it looks great with last year’s trending colour of rust (and reinforcing Pinterest’s western prediction), this could be a trend that’s timeless.

How to use this trend: Decorate with horse wall art or sculptures, incorporate equestrian materials like metals, leather, and houndstooth, use a palette of rich tones (browns, chestnuts, deep reds, natural wood) and horseshoe shapes.


As you can see from rounding up Pinterest, Etsy and Home Beautiful’s trend predictions, there are some repeating or complimentary predictions which have a greater chance of coming through, and others that might not come true.

If you are considering renovating before selling, some of these trends may be worth using to attract today’s buyers. However, it’s important to consider first how taste specific the trend is (like a pink kitchen, for example) vs. other trends that are more timeless and will appeal to the majority of buyers.

If you’d like my help coming up with a plan for your own home to attract today’s buyers and get the most value for your home, I offer free consultations in the Sydney here. You can schedule one here.

1 Source: Pinterest

2 Source: Hootsuite

3 Source: Etsy elevator pitch

4 Source: Etsy Fact Sheet

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