The goal is very simple. I'm here to help you make more money
 in the sale of your home.

There’s often reasons preventing sellers from completing renovations to sell their home.

That’s why I aim to remove any barriers. From financial to design to project coordination, I'm here for you.

Areas of Expertise

I'm full service from planning to settlement.
I want to achieve your ideal outcome in your ideal time frame.

pre-sale renovations


project coordination


home renovations that get you a return on investment

My Mission

I'm here to help as many Sydney homeowners
 as possible maximise their real estate investment
when they sell.

I understand that there are reasons why homeowners are unable to renovate to sell. That’s why I'm here to help you every step of the way, from offering a renovate now, pay later service and handling everything from planning, design, project coordination, styling, photography and marketing through settlement.


initial consult

We talk about your unique situation then create a plan to achieve your ideal outcome.

renovate for you

Everything from planning, designs, permits, and project coordination.

sell your home

We create a marketing strategy to
 attract buyers.

Renovate Now, Pay Later

The biggest reason sellers aren’t renovating to sell is lack of funds.

That’s why I offer a renovate now, pay later service. That means we’ll be able to complete your home renovations now and you pay later at settlement. Bills & invoices will still get paid to the builders and trades as they are due, on your behalf. Then you pay one lump sum at settlement, with no fees or interest.

Renovate for Profit

Design trends come and go in as quick as 5 years.
So if it’s been at least then since your home was updated, it might be time for a refresh.

That’s where I come in. I'm looking at your home from a buyers point of view and evaluating where you get the best Return on Investment. This can range from new paint and small repairs to a full home renovation. My strength comes in completing a full market analysis and consulting on what areas are going to add the most value and more importantly, get you a return on investment.


Your home is now the
prettiest one on the market,
let's get it seen.

The secret to getting your home sold is not just to have the best house on the market in your area and price range, but also be seen by the largest amount of buyers possible. That's why I assist with styling, photography and implement my own marketing strategy and campaign (in addition to your agent's) to get your home sold.

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