Get your listings sold faster & for more money.

Get your listings sold faster & for more money.

There's nothing worse than a listing that won't sell. That's why I specialise in pre-sale home renovations - so houses look their best to attract buyers and sell for the most amount of money possible.

want an easy, smooth sale?

I've created a way for you to make a higher commission, get your homes sold faster & easier. The best part? You don't have to do any extra work.

Welcome to
Wealth House

Ready for your listings
To sell themselves?

I understand what it's like to be a real estate agent

I understand what it's like to be a real estate agent

Those listings that take forever to sell.

The stigma of a home that gets passed in at auction. Constantly fielding questions from buyers like "what's wrong with it?"

Frustration over how much time and energy is being spent on one house when you could be out getting more listings and selling more houses.

Maybe you wish you had a way to stand out from other real estate agents to win the listing every time.





and problems you might be experiencing:

We all know that the prettiest houses at the right price attract the most buyers - and highest price. And that's in any market.
Even the hottest markets have homes that just. won't. sell.
Or the slowest markets may have an auction going well above reserve.

It doesn't have to
be this way.

And every house can achieve the ultimate sales outcome - with the right renovations to sell the home.

but guess what...

Renovate Now, Pay Later


One of the biggest barriers I hear sellers have when it comes to completing renovations to sell is they simply don't have the money right now. 

The great thing about real estate is that with the right renovations, the value of the home will increase. And sellers will receive that money at settlement. 

That's why my service allows sellers to do the renovations NOW, and they pay later
when the home sells.

I'll oversee all the home renovations for the seller. They won't pay for any costs until settlement. There is no interest charged, they simply pay for the cost of the renovations.

I'll handle everything from planning & permits through design and project coordination.
I thoroughly check all builder & trade licences, insurances and reviews and get a minimum of 3 quotes, and the vendor will choose who they want to complete the work.

No Upfront Costs

I'll Do All the Work

feature one

feature two

Unlike hiring an interior designer, I keep working once the renovations are complete. 
I'll work with you on the styling, photos & marketing, plus promote on my social media channels and through brand partnerships.


feature four

There's an art to renovating for profit. That's why I specialise in pre-sale home renovations. I understand what buyers want so value is added in the areas that count, and avoid making costly mistakes in areas that won't get a return on investment.

Return on Investment

feature Three



Make a higher commission on your listings due to the added value.

How does this sound?

Sell all of your listings faster.



the results you're going to get:

Have an easy, smooth sale. No more listings getting passed in at auction.


Be known as the agent with beautiful listings that sell quickly.


Win more listings with a way to stand out and provide value to sellers.


How It Works

We talk about a specific listing or partnering so you can feature my services in your listing presentations.

initial consult

You introduce me to the client.
I'll work with them on a plan to renovate for profit.


I assist in the styling & photography, and help create a marketing strategy to attract buyers.

sell the home

The home sold for $370,000
over its initial value - making the
real estate agent an additional $4000 commission.

Not only that, what would have been a difficult sale sold in 26 days with 8 registered bidders.

Sandringham nsw

That's why we are a team working together towards the end goal of a successful sales campaign.
I'll use my expertise to design and project coordinate so you can focus on what you do best.

Your job is to win listings and sell homes. You shouldn't have to be the one arranging trades &
overseeing renovations.

You're in the right place.

"My goal is to create a
win-win for everyone."

I'm Kristen, your guide through this process.

My background is in real estate and I've observed that many sellers are not maximising the value of their home. I created Wealth House to help sellers reach their home's potential.

more about me >

hey there!

But it's not as easy as it sounds. 

From my experience in real estate, I've seen a lot of houses. And I've seen everything from bidding wars on the prettiest home on the market to others that sit for months with just no interest.

I asked myself... if we know the best looking homes at the correct price point perform best,
why aren't all sellers doing the work?

And then it dawned on me... sellers have barriers. It often boils down to either they don't have the money, they're overwhelmed with the process or they don't have the design knowledge or expertise.

So that's where Wealth House comes in.

This service is the only one of its kind because...

IT removes barriers

I understand what's preventing sellers from renovating to sell and aim to make it possible. That's why I offer a renovate now, pay later program and handle every step of the process.

specialty in pre-sale home renovations

Renovating for profit is very different than your normal renovations. I'm looking at what home renovations will get a return on investment and avoiding costly mistakes on things buyers don't care about. 

assist in marketing

It's not enough to simply create a beautiful home through renovations. I want your home to stand out among other listings. That's why I assist with the styling and photography. Not only that, I will share your listing on my social media channels and through my brand partnerships.

For example, the Sandringham NSW project was shared by multiple supplier's social media accounts (with 100K+ followers) and featured in Interiors Addict.

We profit share

Rather than charge a fee to the seller, I ask to split the gross profits of the value I've increased in the home. The reason why I do this is that it keeps me accountable in the renovations & design choices. I will never recommend an unnecessary renovation or blow out the budget with an unreasonable design choice.
This also means if the seller doesn't make money, I don't either. Therefore I will do my due diligence up front to ensure the home will make money in the sale, even in a shifting market.

I've removed any barriers sellers may have before renovating their home. I'm part of your team to get your client to settlement - with the best outcome possible.

This program includes everything your client needs to renovate and sell their home.

If the seller doesn't make money,
I don't either.

With a profit share agreement, I split the net profits (increased value minus cost of renovations) with the seller.

Because my results are tied to the sales outcome, this means if the seller doesn't make a profit, I don't get paid.

This keeps me accountable in the design & renovation choices, staying on budget, & only doing work I feel is necessary.


This is for you if:

the home hasn't been updated in at
least 5 years

the home is already renovated


the homeowner needs to sell quickly


It's probably not for you if...

there isn't enough gap between current condition and
post-renovated value

Let's Do This Thing!


How does Wealth House get paid?

I share the net profit of the value I've raised in the property with the seller. This keeps me accountable & gives an incentive to increase the value as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Sydney metro area.

Are you a builder?

No, I arrange a minimum of 3 quotes to builders / trades and the homeowner chooses who they would like to complete the renovations. This ensures we get competitive pricing and a personality match for the homeowner.

What if the vendor has the funds to pay for the renovations up front?

In that case, I can provide the same service but charge a fee instead of a profit share. Some vendors prefer to go this route to have a more definitive cost of my services.

Do you charge any interest on the Renovate Now, Pay Later program?

No, the seller only pays the costs of the labour, materials and any other previously agreed upon costs such as permit fees, etc.

What if I don't currently have any listings?

I'd still love to meet you to discuss partnering for future clients. That way, when you meet a vendor who would be a good candidate, you can make the introduction. 

Can I promote your services on listing appointments?

Absolutely! This may even help you win the listing.
I just ask that you make no promises as I want to meet the homeowner and confirm that they will be a good fit for my services.

I have a listing on the market now that isn't selling. Can you help?

Yes! Homes that are already on the market make great candidates because we have feedback from buyers. I can coordinate the repairs & renovations and we'll re-list it at the new value.

Will your marketing plan conflict with mine?

I have a different approach to marketing. Mine focuses more on the renovations including before & afters, lifestyle, as well as brand partnerships with suppliers of the fixtures & finishes used in the renovation. This will widen the net of potential buyers seeing the property.


Sandringham NSW
initial valuation


Renovation Budget


Sale Price


ROI for the vendor
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Still on the Fence?

let's do this

I completely understand. I'd still love to chat about your business and see if there's any way I can help you and your clients.